Examination Pattern / Format

VI, VII, VIII, IXPeriodic Test I / Term IPeriodic Test II / Term II
XPeriodic Test I / Term IPREBOARD
XIClass Test I / Term IClass Test II / Term II
XIIPeriodic Test I / Term IPREBOARD

NOTE: For Classes X and XII examination pattern are subject to change as per instructions from CBSE.

Candidates of Classes X and XII will be appearing for the Board Exams

  • Appearing for Class Tests in classes XI & XII is mandatory as the marks are added to the Terminal Examinations. Therefore no Retest will be administered unless the candidate had been deputed by the school.

  • Examination, programmes for classes X & XII will be aimed at preparing the candidates for the external public examination.

  • Pass Marks :
    For classes VI to XII- qualifying pass mark is 33%

  • Co-curricular activities will include literary and creative skills, scientific skills, information and communication technology, organizational and leadership skills, health and physical activities etc

  • If a student remains absent from school for a period of more than 10 days at a stretch or the percentage of attendance is less than 75 in a particular term he/she will not be allowed to sit for examination and may not be eligible for Annual Promotion.

  • Use of unfair means and/or possession of unauthorized material in any examination will result in the annulment of a pupil’s entire term results. A pupil who renders unfair assistance to another is equally culpable and will therefore share the punishment. Due weightage will be given to each term’s assessment for deciding promotion to the next higher class, in respect of these pupils.

  • Answer scripts will be shown to the students after marking, to point out their mistakes to and suggest improvement. Marks cannot be changed after the results are declared. Answer scripts of students of examinations may be shown to parents if considered necessary, within 7 working days from the date of distribution of Report Card, with written permission from the Principal.

  • Personal Assessment :
    With a view to helping the students develop their personality they are individually assessed

  • Promotion & Promotion Rules :
    (a) The final assessment of the student for promotion shall be decided on the basis of the overall record and assessment of the student throughout the year.
    b) Participation in Annual Sports is a must. Students will be considered to have failed in Physical Education, Games and P.T. if they do not participate on Sports Day, without adequate reason.
    (c) The decision of the Promotion committee headed by the Principal is final and binding. Therefore, any approach to the Principal with unreasonable request for promotion will not be entertained.
    (d) The school authorities may accept the parent’s request for voluntary detention of the student if it is in the interest of the student concerned, subject to the suitability in age for the particular class and availability of seat

  • Progress Report :
    (a) Progress Report is given by the school after each terminal examination. Progress Report given after Mid Term exam must be returned to the school within 7 days, duly signed by the guardian / parent.
    b) Classes X and XII will be given answer scripts and report cards at Open House for parents

Rules & Regulations Of The School

Admission to every class implies an undertaking on the part of the student to respect the school rules, regulation and the discipline of the institution. The rules of the school are as under:

  • Every student must attend school punctually and regularly. Leave of absence shall only be granted for bonafide reasons.

  • Attendance in the morning Assembly is compulsory. Students must maintain reverential attitude during the prayer and do nothing that may be detrimental to the devotional and moral tone of the Assembly.

  • No student will be allowed to enter the school premises after 10.25 a.m. and disciplinary action will be taken against frequent late comers.

  • If any student wishes to remain back after school or comes during holidays for games, consent letter from Parents must be handed over to the concerned P.T. Teacher. Students must report to the games room.