Preparatory I. II and classes I. & II
The academic year will be divided into two terms. There will be continuous evaluation throughout the year. Children will be graded on the basis of class performance & assessments. Reports will be sent at the end of each term. Parents are expected to sign the reports and return them as indicated.
Classes III. IV & V.
The academic year will be divided into two units.
1st Term: April to September. 2nd Term: October to March
There will be continuous evaluation throughout the year. Four assessments will be administered throughout the year. The dates of the 1st & 3rd assessments (30 Marks) will be duly notified. Tentative dates of 2nd and 4th assessments (Final assessment) (60 Marks) will be found in the school calendar. 10 Marks will be reserved for class work and homework. All results will be in grades. Special tests and examinations cannot be taken for those who miss the scheduled ones. Absentees will not be given any grace marks. Reports will be sent out at the end of each term

Criteria For Promotion

  • To qualify for promotion a student must pass in all the subjects.

  • He/she must have atleast 80% attendance.

  • The decision of the Promotion Committee, headed by the Head teacher with regard to promotion, is final and binding.

  • If a student cannot clear the final assessment, he/she will be administered improvement tests. If the student cannot qualify even in the improvement tests he/she has to repeat the class

  • A pupil repeating twice in the same class must be withdrawn.

  • The school authorities may accept the parent’s request for voluntary detention of the student if it is in the interest of the student concerned, subject to the suitability in age for the particular class and availability of seat.